This is not the primary aim of this website but surfing lessons can be made available if you are interested. However, if the surf is too big, we advise against taking surf lessons. If you cannot swim or are a weak swimmer, please do not attempt to surf. Go play tennis! :)

  1. Swimmer or non-swimmer?
  2. Note: Please be honest about this matter. Do not endanger your life or obligate others to save you if you get into difficulty. Learn to swim first.

  3. How much is the surf lesson?
  4. We will pack as much historical/present information as we can into a 1 hour lesson for RM100 per person, including board rental for that full hour. Approximately 30mins will be theory and 30mins will be practical.

  5. What about transport and accommodation?
  6. This can be discussed/arranged if you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur on a weekend we are going to surf. If you are coming from elsewhere, you would have to meet us at a rendezvous point.

  7. How many students per class?
  8. Surf classes are conducted at a maximum of 2 persons per class, per instructor. If you require a class of more than 2 persons, we can try to arrange this but it would probably be best if you enquire with one of the surf establishments listed on the FAQ page.

  9. What will I learn?
  10. You will learn :-

    1. Ethics
    2. Safety
    3. Reading waves
    4. How and when to stand on the board
    5. Stance
    6. Paddling
    7. Lingo
    You can rent the board if you wish to continue surfing for the rest of the day but in most cases, you will be tired after an hour. This is because your body will be subjected to the exertion of muscles that are not usually used.

  11. When?
  12. Only on weekends. We are normal working folks from Kuala Lumpur and only teach when time is available.

  13. What are the dangers?
  14. Jellyfish, stingrays, seasnakes, rip tides(i.e. undercurrents, undertow), sunstroke, cuts & bruises and of course, drowning. Rather than paint a pretty picture, we're being more realistic as in these are the real dangers that a surfer faces when wallowing about in the sun and sea. Most of the times though, the only danger is the death of a parent's dream in having his son/daughter ever becoming the prime minister, because of his/her addiction to surfing. On a more serious note, if accidents bother you, the suggestion is to :-

    Sharks are not mentioned because most sharks in Malaysia are reef sharks, i.e. white tip and black tip sharks. They are vegetarian and they eat plankton. Please research more on this. If provoked, any shark will still be dangerous. From memory, I know that there has never been a shark attack on Malaysian waters.

  15. I have further questions.
  16. First of all, congratulations for making it in reading this far down the page. :) Use the contact form to send us a message.

Last updated 12th December 2012