When is the surf season in Malaysia?

It starts around mid-October to mid-November and it lasts until around March/April. This does not mean we get waves everyday of that period. Malaysian waves are known to be unpredictable and erratic. But if there was a time we get waves on the Malaysian coastline, it is usually within this timeframe. The Philippine hurricane season is also within this period and if the typhoon crosses into South China Sea, waves can be expected in a day or two.

Are there any privately owned surf establishments in Malaysia?

If you are the owner of a surfshop and would like to get yourself listed or correct any of the information on this page, please get in touch.

Do you also provide surf lessons?

Yes. Please click on SURF LESSONS link at the bottom of the page.

Where can I get surf supplies like legropes, wax, tailpad, ding repair kit, etc.?

The surf establishments above provide some surf supplies, but I am unsure about the reliability or availability. This is because I have not dealt with most of them. I get most of my supplies from outside Malaysia. What I understand is that SurfMusicArtStyle specialise in FCS and Gorilla surf equipment while Raskal deals in NSP.

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The main intention is to provide surf forecasting links more suited towards Malaysian surfing. We are attempting to make the information we provide here as unbiased and neutral as possible.

Last updated 12th December 2012