Welcome to the surfing link that aims to serve the forecasting needs of surfers in Malaysia. We currently aim to do this through the collection of all useful links within one single webpage, here.

Thank you for your interest in the surfing scene in Malaysia. However, there are no world class waves in Malaysia the likes of Bali(Indonesia). You can hop over to the island of Bali from the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, using a low cost airline called Air Asia. If you are still heading over to try Malaysian surf, the known surfspots in Malaysia are mostly dotted along the east coast of the Malaysian peninsular, fickle and irregular waves from the Andaman Sea sometimes greet the island of Langkawi, with the rest of the surfspots located on the coastline of the state of Sabah, eastern Malaysia. There may be unknown surf in Sarawak but an article has once appeared in Malaysian news about surfing a tidal bore called Batang Lupar(river surfing) in Sri Aman, about 170km from Kuching.


Use the links below to try forecast wave conditions in Malaysia :-

Wave Size
Magicseaweed 7 day forecast - for the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Magicseaweed is the most comprehensive surf-oriented forecast website detailing known surfspots.
Magicseaweed 7 day forecast - covers surfspots in the state of Sabah in East Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.
Passage Weather 7 day forecast - this link provides a wind, surface pressure and wave size forecast originally intended for sailors but is useful for surfers too.
Malaysian Meteorological WAM 7.5 day forecast - static maps using wave analysis model(WAM) depicting swell progression every 6 hours up to 180 hours in advance.
Buoy Weather 2 day forecast - click on a map of Malaysia with red buoys out in the water to see what's in store the next 48 hours.

Tide Times
Malaysian Meteorological Department - choose Tanjung Gelang for the tide times around Kuantan waters, Cendering for northern Terengganu.

Wind Direction and Speed by Windguru
Desaru in Johor.
Cherating in Pahang.

General Weather
Malaysian Meteorological Department - This link provides high level(not detailed) information on weather, wind direction, wind speed and wave height relative to Malaysian coastal waters, although originally intended for fishermen. It should be great for people who are not well versed in the geography of Malaysia as the link includes an interactive map.

Free forecasting tips

  1. Take note that the shorter the forecast, the more accurate it will be. In other words, a 2-day forecast is more valuable than a 7-day forecast.
  2. A windswell has a shorter lifespan than a groundswell.
  3. Use multiple data models to gain confidence in your forecast.

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Last updated 12th December 2012